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See Me as a Person Therapeutic Practices Poster
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    Mary Koloroutis, Michael Trout  This poster provides a simple reminder of the four core therapeutic practices of the See Me as a Person program: Attuning, Wondering, Following, and Holding.Use these posters as a reminder of the core work of building safe and caring relationships with patients and colleagues.Laminated, 13 x 9 inches. (2020)

    See Me as a Person: Creating Therapeutic Relationships with Patients and Their Families
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      Mary Koloroutis and Michael Trout The therapeutic relationship between clinicians and patients is what brings Relationship-Based Care to life. Within the world of health care, the act of therapeutic connection is not owned by any one profession. The responsibility to offer authentic and compassionate care to another human being is something we all share. In our chaotic and time constrained environments in which technical and complex demands prevail, clinicians struggle as they strive every day...

      See Me as a Person: Stories for Reflection on the Therapeutic Relationship CD
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        Michael Trout and Mary Koloroutis Available on the following platforms: iTunes | Apple Music | Spotify Written and Produced by Michael Trout, See Me as a Person provides a diverse mix of patient stories and caregiver reflections on therapeutic relationships. Inspired by the award winning book See Me as a Person: Creating Therapeutic Relationships with Patients and Their Families, each track is carefully crafted to inspire and deepen our experience of what it means to be fully present for those...

        Shared Governance that Works Relationship-Based Care, Relationship-Based Cultures, Healthcare Culture, Health Care Culture
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          Gen Guanci, MEd, RN-BC, CCRN-K and Marky Medeiros, MSN, RN In a shared governance culture, staff members are empowered to design their own work, which leads to a high degree of ownership for achieving outcomes! Shared Governance that Works will help you design and operationalize the structures and processes necessary to achieve a highly effective and satisfying shared governance experience for all. Here’s what you’ll be able to do after reading this book: Choose a model of shared governance...

          Should: How Habits of Language Shape Our Lives
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            Rebecca SmithCulled from personal experience and keen observation about the effects of habitual self-talk on human experience, SHOULD is the most practical, in-depth study of the language of self-oppression that exists today. SHOULD helps readers reclaim their authenticity through letting go of the external voices that drown out our inner guidance.When you tell yourself what you should, have to, must, or ought to do, you put on a layer of obligation and identify yourself as oppressed. When you...

            What Successful Nurse Managers are Teaching Us: Imperatives for Action
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              Mary Koloroutis and Susan WesselAs vital and influential leaders at the heart of their organizations, clinical nurse managers may havethe toughest job in the American health care system. They are the translators of the organization’smission into practice. They are coaches and carriers of hope. The manager is a source of inspirationwho creates the cultural norms on the unit through what he or she pays attention to or disregards.There’s no soft-pedaling it: The clinical nurse manager’s role is...