The culture of your organization is determined by the quality of every relationship in it. These resources provide an overview of what it takes to transform your organization using the Relationship-Based Care Model® (RBC). RBC provides the theory to change hearts and minds and the tactical know-how to change practice.

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A Quick Guide to Relationship-Based Care
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    Creative Health Care Management A Quick Guide to Relationship-Based Care is a 68-page booklet outlining the basics of Relationship-Based Care®. This valuable resource is ideal for orientation of the entire workforce in organizations implementing Relationship-Based Care. Written in easy-to-understand language, this book will help everyone in the organization (especially those in later implementation waves) to understand that they are truly part of something meaningful. This book will be a game...

    Advancing Professional Nursing Practice: Relationship-Based Care and the ANA Standards
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      Margaret J. Glembocki, Joyce J. Fitzpatrick; Editors In this important book, stories of unit and practice transformations deepen the clinician's understanding of how both Relationship-Based Care and the American Nurses Association Standards of Professional Nursing Practice can be harnessed to strengthen a professional culture. Stories in which the patient and family experience is elevated by the nurses who care for them will remind readers of not only the purpose and meaning of their work, but...

      Advancing Relationship-Based Cultures Relationship-Based Care, Relationship-Based Cultures, Healthcare Culture, Health Care Culture
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        Winner of the 2018American College of Healthcare ExecutivesJames A. Hamilton Book of the Year! Now Available in Print, e-Book or Audiobook formats (see below) Mary Koloroutis, RN; David Abelson, MD Advancing Relationship-Based Cultures explains and expands a fundamental and often overlooked truth in health care: It is the confluence of relational and clinical competence that advances relationship-based healing cultures. A relationship-based culture is one in which a critical mass of people...

        Commitment to My Co-Workers© Health Care Card
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          Health Care Version Recently edited and redesigned to increase clarity, they are used by thousands of health care workers around the world. 4x5 inch laminated wallet cards

          Commitment to My Co-Workers© Nursing Card
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            Nursing Version Recently edited and redesigned for greater impact on nursing teams and units. 4x5 inch laminated wallet card

            Commitment to Myself Card
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              This simple tool harnesses the power of intention. We like to call this our "I Will" statement. When we commit to something, in writing, it becomes transformative. We often use the Commitment to Myself cards with the participants in our classes. It also pairs well with Commitment to My Co-workers. 2x3 inch pocket cards.

              Commitment to Patients and Their Families Card
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                Mary KoloroutisWe in health care are called to care for people and their loved ones during times of great vulnerability. To help support this sacred trust, we created a new Commitment product designed specifically to support therapeutic relationships with patients and their families.4x5 inch laminated wallet cardsCommitment to Patients and Their Families can be customized. Minimum orders of 500 cards could feature your hospital logo, mission/vision, and your organization colors. Call...

                I2E2: Leading Lasting Change
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                  Jayne FelgenIn I2E2: Leading Lasting Change, Jayne Felgen shares her in-depth and elegantly simple formula for inspiring and leading real change at all levels of any organization. Using a real-life case study of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center merger in the late 1990s, she illustrates how this intuitive model makes even the most complex change processes manageable and sustained.I2E2 is NOT a step-by-step guide to re-creating the newest business model; rather it is a new way of...

                  Primary Nursing: Person-Centered Care Delivery System Design
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                    Susan Wessel, Marie Manthey Primary Nursing describes a model of care delivery that while being nearly 5 decades mature, continues to provide the highest level of person-centered care for thousands of patients and their loved ones. Topics covered in this edition include: how Primary Nursing continues to address persistent issues in the nursing profession and how implementation can succeed in today's fast paced environment. New to this edition are stories from long-term Primary Nursing practice...

                    Relationship-Based Care Audio Book CD
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                      Mary Koloroutis, Jayne Felgen, Donna Wright, Colleen Person, Marie Manthey, Leah Kinnaird The result of Creative Health Care Management's 25 years experience in health care, this book on CD provides health care leaders with basic concepts for transforming their care delivery system into one that is patient and family centered and built on the power of relationships. Relationship-Based Care provides a practical framework for addressing current challenges and is intended to benefit health care...

                      Relationship-Based Care Book & Audio Set
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                        Creative Health Care ManagementThis set includes the award winning Relationship-Based Care: A Model for Transforming Practice book and the unabridged text read by the authors. Buy together and save! Softcover book and 6 compact disc set.

                        Relationship-Based Care Bookmarks
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                          Creative Health Care Management An excellent tool for supporting Relationship-Based Care behaviors in your organization. Each element of the Relationship-Based Care model is described in brief. Heavy coated stock. Sold individually or in packs of 50.