In today’s highly monitored health care environments, “employee compliance” is often the highest level of staff engagement many organizations aspire to. These resources support the philosophy that real team commitment comes from a deep connection with the purpose and meaning of the work of health care.

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Time to Lead: The Ultimate Guide to Employee Engagement
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    Michael Henry CohenA back-to-basics approach to employee engagement, Time to Lead provides common sense leadership practices for busy leaders like you. It is a practical resource on how to address your administrative responsibilities while increasing your presence with employees and customers. Each goal focused exercise and self-assessment tool comes directly from the collective experiences of leaders like you. By practicing Time to Lead principles, you will enhance your ability to: Align your...

    Transforming Interprofessional Partnerships: A New Framework for Nursing and Partnership-Based Healthcare
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      Riane Eisler and Teddie M. Potter Written from the nursing perspective, this book provides a model for partnership that will change how you work, lead, and live. This volume provides nurses and other health care professionals with tools to reexamine the current state of interdisciplinary partnerships in order to build a more effective, caring, and sustainable health care system. Riane Eilser, JD, PhD(h), is the President of the Center for Partnership Studies. Dr. Eisler, social theorist,...

      We All Need . . . A Little Bit of Attitude DVD
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        Donna Wright The best competency skill you will ever need is . . . a little bit of attitude. Whether it is using positive attitude to get things done, or dealing with the negative attitudes we sometimes get from our co-workers - knowing how to use attitude is essential. Learn the power of attitude in this fun-filled video and how it can be expressed everyday to energize our health care teams.DVD, 17 minutes. (2002)

        What Successful Nurse Managers are Teaching Us: Imperatives for Action
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          Mary Koloroutis and Susan WesselAs vital and influential leaders at the heart of their organizations, clinical nurse managers may havethe toughest job in the American health care system. They are the translators of the organization’smission into practice. They are coaches and carriers of hope. The manager is a source of inspirationwho creates the cultural norms on the unit through what he or she pays attention to or disregards.There’s no soft-pedaling it: The clinical nurse manager’s role is...

          What You Accept is What You Teach: Setting Standards for Employee Accountability
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            Michael Henry Cohen While everyone is accountable for their own behavior, leaders are ultimately responsible for employee performance. By setting their own standards of exceptional performance, managers teach their employees to accept accountability for their own actions and attitudes.What You Accept is What You Teach is the perfect "how to" guide for navigating the maze of challenging employee communication and performance problems. It is an excellent resource for developing a healthy culture...