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The Ultimate Guide to Preceptoring Video Series - USB
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    Donna Wright The Ultimate Guide to Preceptoring Video Series provides an entertaining overview of a very practical precepting process for health care leaders, educators and mentors. This live 6 session collection plus bonus material shows Donna Wright at her best! As a whole, these sessions can be used together to view the principles of precepting in a wonderful one day workshop or you can view each session independently. Each session has been designed to stand alone so you have the freedom to...

    Transforming Interprofessional Partnerships: A New Framework for Nursing and Partnership-Based Healthcare
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      Riane Eisler and Teddie M. Potter Written from the nursing perspective, this book provides a model for partnership that will change how you work, lead, and live. This volume provides nurses and other health care professionals with tools to reexamine the current state of interdisciplinary partnerships in order to build a more effective, caring, and sustainable health care system. Riane Eilser, JD, PhD(h), is the President of the Center for Partnership Studies. Dr. Eisler, social theorist,...