Primary Nursing: Person-Centered Care Delivery System Design

Primary Nursing: Person-Centered Care Delivery System Design (B670)

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Susan Wessel, Marie Manthey Primary Nursing describes a model of care delivery that while being nearly 5 decades mature, continues to provide the highest level of person-centered care for thousands of patients and their loved ones. Topics covered...
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<p>Imagine for a moment being hospitalized for repeat chemo treatments after a cancer diagnosis. Imagine receiving care from a variety of different nurses every month throughout that year, explaining your history and what does and doesn't work for you during your chemo treatment. Imagine a different world where you always receive care from the same Primary Nurse every treatment; a world where your visits to the hospital for chemo are familiar to you and your nurse, and you are in the trusted hands of your familiar primary nurse. The Primary Nursing book released recently by Creative Heath Care Management reacquaints the reader with the value of the Primary Nurse model. Marie Manthey, the founder of Primary Nursing, articulates the history behind the Primary Nursing model and the value it holds for patients and nursing providers. She and her co-author. Susan Wessel, explain how organizations can involve the nurses providing direct patient care in planning the Primary Nurse model. The book goes one step further; it provides the tools and framework for organizations to successfully implement Primary Nursing in partnership with the nursing staff. As a nursing leader, I read this book not once but three times. A must read for nurses everywhere!</p>

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