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    Journey to Excellence Virtual Conference

    Recorded Live, September 24 & 25, 2020

    Watch experts and colleagues from around the globe, as they share expertise and experience from the Journey to Excellence Virtual Conference recorded live on September 24 & 25, 2020. Learn practical tools, strategies, and actions that you and your team can use to further your commitment and continuous journey to a culture of excellence in health care.

    Conference sessions included:

    Sailing Toward Excellence: Who’s Steering the Boat?
    Donna Wright

    Developing a Culture of Excellence requests all of us to guide the journey. This is not one person accountability, or “you have more accountability than I do” attitude, or “I am just a _____.” We do this together as a strong crew of talent, sea worthy sailors. Discovering and identifying our role on deck or below is essential to this journey. What is our role and how does is compliment the roles of others. Self-discovery is key. Developing and lifting up others is essential. Leadership in shaping culture is everyone's responsibility.

    What’s Your Plan? Innovative Succession Planning and Leadership Development Strategies
    Christina Martin

    Ensuring nursing leadership succession at all levels is foundational to the success of an organization. One health system designed and implemented two succession planning and professional development strategies for nurse leaders. The Nursing Leadership Academy is targeted to develop experienced nursing middle managers to succeed into executive and system level leadership roles. The Nurse Manager Residency program invites clinical nurses with an interest in nursing leadership to experience day-to-day life as a nurse manager, in hopes that they will one day commence on a nursing leadership journey.

    A Collaboration to Improve Hiring: An Innovative Partnership
    Dr. Diana Meyer & Dr. Teresa Stanfill

    Are you challenged to recruit applicants for nursing positions and burdened with a lengthy time to fill? Join us to learn about an unlikely but innovative partnership with Human Resources to tackle this problem.

    Best Practices in Shared Governance
    Marky Medeiros

    In this presentation we will explore best practices in shared governance that promote team building, effective decision making and improved outcomes. We will discuss best practices from a historical perspective (what is tried and true,) and how we can adjust today given our current realities.

    Utilizing a Cloud-based Solution for Data Collection & Employee Information
    Sara Sullens

    This session shares the implemented a cloud-based platform to streamline the process of 360o evaluation, utilization of professional portfolios, and to collect and analyze key demographic information. We will share the how to and the value of having all data located in one centralized platform.

    The Year of VUCA: A Transformational Leadership Case Study
    Dr. Teresa Stanfill & Dr. Diana Meyer

    This is a case study that tells the story of a VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) year and the corresponding VUCA response from a Nursing Center of Excellence focused on transformational leadership. Participants will leave with actionable strategies to assist in leading through their own VUCA spikes.

    From the Ground Up: Cornerstones of an Effective Transition to Practice Program
    Mandy Pokorny

    We will start with a stop light assessment evaluating support for new nurses in the attendee’s organization. The majority of the class will be spent learning four cornerstones and how to evaluate a program or enhance an existing one. Participants are asked to identify three key takeaways and/or a call to action for their organization.

    Soaring to Six: Successful Magnet® Designation
    Lynn D'Angelo

    Let’s get carried away with nursing excellence. Hear about our innovative program that empowered active participation of nurses at all levels across the organization through our sixth Magnet® designation journey. From engaging clinical nurses, facilitating nurse leader retreats, and incorporating gaming, this organization soared to new heights. The Soaring to Six: Excellence in Motion program not only provided knowledge and skills to empower nurses in providing high quality care but prepared them for the re-designation process.

    Love’em or Lose’em: Rewards and Recognition on a Shoestring Budget
    Gen Guanci

    Whether you are a staff nurse, educator or manager there is a new job out there and we are ALL in it: “Chief Retention Officer.” In today’s healthcare environment everything needs to be done within our power, to not only retain employees, but to motivate them to peak performance. Rewards and recognitions are just one of the ways to do this. So how do you do this with little or no money? You will leave this session with tips and techniques to motivate, reward and recognize peers and employees with little or no money.

    Mentoring (Now!) for Workforce Development
    Gilly Johnson

    Mentoring is often seen as a ‘nice to have’ part of healthcare – the feel good factor. But what if mentoring could have a much stronger presence in your strategy for workforce development and move from ‘nice to have’ to ‘have to have’? This presentation offers a solid overview of six key areas that will help you understand how mentoring may just be the very strategy you need to move forward with to support your current and future healthcare workforces.

    Decreasing Falls with Injury Through Shared Governance
    Eydie Tipton & Kellea Hendrian

    Quality and safety practices are vital to ensuring high-quality care. The age of value-based care has encouraged hospitals and health systems to achieve a high quality of care to decrease 30-day hospital readmissions, decrease the length of stay, and reduce complications of care. hared governance is a platform used to provide nurses with decision-making that promotes accountability, quality, and safety of patient care, and teamwork alongside leaders. This quality improvement initiative improved falls with injury through shared governance engagement and multidisciplinary empowerment.

    Implementing a Critical Care Consult Nurse
    Eydie Tipton & Laura Weigand

    This presentation focuses on the utilization of EBP to implement a critical care consult nurse. The critical care consult nurse is a collaborative role with primary nurses to decrease inpatient mortality and code blue rates through early intervention. The early warning tool that is used for this role is the Rothman Index product PeraWatch.

    Tips from a First Time Writer: You Can Do This!
    Christie Bowser

    Imagine being asked to lead a team in writing the chapter of Structural Empowerment for my hospital’s sixth Magnet® Re-designation! Nervous as to what I had agreed to participate in, the challenge was accepted and the learning curve attacked. This presentation will share lessons learned while supporting the team to become one of the few organizations that has achieved Magnet® Designation six times!

    The Power of Presence: Mindfulness in Clinical Settings
    Traci Hanlon

    This presentation explores what it means to be present and how practicing presence as a form of mindfulness can increase an individual’s capacity for focus, efficiency and overall wellbeing. Participants will learn techniques to enhance mindfulness and presence in everyday situations.

    Leaders: Are Your Curves in the Right Places?
    Dr. Teresa Stanfill

    Leaders in this organization needed opportunities to focus on the “neglected middle”. The Nursing Center of Excellence (CoE) is ideally placed to provide resources and coaching for leaders who want to provide more effective development opportunities for their own staff. Identify your curve and explore how one organization shifted theirs!

    Quality Improvement Roadmaps: Leveraging the Unit
    Based Council in Outcomes Driven Projects
    Tricia Ide

    Managing and engaging clinical nurses in improvement science for unit-based councils (UBC) can be challenging. Providing quality improvement training in the form of Yellow Belt education (Lean/Six Sigma) and leveraging a one-page document that captured the project cycle, goal, current state, data, plan and follow up yielded success. It allowed the clinical nurse to track progress and have awareness of what the UBC was working on and how they might assist.

    Why’d They Do That? Using Myers-Briggs to Understand Differences
    Gen Guanci

    Have you ever wondered why someone reacted totally different than you to the same situation? This session will give you an insight into why people respond differently and enable you to develop strategies to work with these differences.

    Trauma Informed Leadership
    Mary Koloroutis

    This presentation provides relationship-based and trauma-informed principles to deepen your knowledge in ways to support and encourage health care teams through this time of profound change and disruption. You will learn the basics of trauma-informed care and the potential for post traumatic growth and ways post traumatic growth can be facilitated through education, emotional regulation, and peer and leader support.

    Accountability and Three Key Relationship
    Marky Medeiros

    Accountability and Three Key Relationships will delve into interprofessional relationships and the importance of communication and collaboration when working in teams. Relationship with self, the relationships with colleagues/team, and the relationships with patients and families, are essential in creating environments of therapeutic healing, and cultures where employees thrive and patients and families experience ultimate healing.

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